Scorchers are on their way!

I’m launching my new SCORCHERS line next month. These are ultra-hot tales in a variety of genres, so check back often to see what’s coming next. The first series is Alpha Colony. 4 paranormal/sci-fi stories set in the near-future. Because the books were available a few years back, I’ve priced them accordingly. All four installments are only $.99 each. Enjoy!

Untamed Hunger CoverMajor Sasha Young has been stationed at Alpha Colony for the past three years, part of an elite military team assigned to maintain order and resolve conflicts between the shapeshifters. She has watched the hostile morphs, secretly fascinated by their predatory grace and animal magnetism. The colonies were established to protect defenseless humans from these genetic anomalies. So why does she feel like the morphs are the ones being victimized?

Grayson Evans, a rare white-tiger shifter, is frustrated and appalled by how little their human handlers understand the average “morph.” After an especially violent altercation between leopard and tiger shifters, he decides it’s time to educate them. He’s had his eye on Sasha ever since she arrived, and introducing the feisty beauty to the full potential of a felidae-morph is going to be his pleasure — and hers!


6 Responses

  1. Celita

    I have Untamed Hunger but it is authored by Aubrey Ross. Is Aubrey Ross a pseudonym for you? I loved that book when I read it back in 2013.

  2. Hey Celita, yes, Aubrey Ross is one of the pseudonyms I used for a while. After many years of maintaining multiple websites and promoting different identities, I decided to bring everything under one roof (so to speak) and just use my real name, which is Cyndi Friberg. I’m glad you enjoyed the story. I hope you’ll check out the other three–if you haven’t read them already. Take care, Cyndi

    • Celita

      No wonder I liked it – it was YOU! I have not read the other books in the series, but plan to now. I thought I owned, read, and enjoyed all of your books. What are your other pseudonyms?

  3. Aubrey Ross was the main one, but I recently had the rights returned for all of her titles. Finally! It will take me a while, but I intend to rework all of her books and re-release them here.

  4. Hester Helm

    Hi Cyndi!

    It sounds awesomely hot and sexy, as well as fascinating!

  5. Thanks Hester. Let me know what you think of the stories.
    Best, Cyndi