Heretic available for pre-order!

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The Outcasts is a spinoff series set in the Battle Born world. Many of the characters were introduced in the last few Battle Born books. However, the challenges these brave couples will face are very different from the previous series. These books will be darker, harsher, and even more passionate!

Restless and embittered by an abusive past, Arton the Heretic finds himself in a battle of wills with Lily, a gorgeous geneticist. She holds the key to the future of his people, but she was brought to this savage world against her will and that’s an insult she’ll not soon forget. Their attraction is instantaneous and intense, yet each has valid reasons for mistrusting the other. He wants her, is consumed with the need to claim her, but he can’t focus on the future until he deals with the past.

Pre-order available now: AMAZON