Oct 01

Month-long Sale At All Romance eBooks

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Sale runs through Halloween. Don’t miss out!

Sep 04

Labor Day Sale at All Romance eBooks

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Most of my titles will be 30% Off beginning tomorrow. Sale runs through Labor Day. Don’t miss out.

Aug 21

Forsaken Available Today!

Book Two

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The wait is over! Forsaken is now available.

And don’t forget Book Three, Zealot is now available for pre-order.


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Aug 20

Pre-order Battle Born Book 3

Forsaken, Battle Born Book 2 releases on Friday, so I thought I’d give everyone a peek at book 3 as well. Here’s the amazing cover art, supplied by Dar Albert. The blurb also reveals who the hero and heroine are and a bit about the challenges awaiting them. The book is available as a pre-order and November will be here before you know it, or at least before I know it.

Book Three — Pre-order your copy today (Releases November 18th!)

When a man claiming to be an alien walks into Indigo’s wellness emporium, she isn’t really surprised. She was raised on stories of a fierce alien race that secretly interacts with humans. Still, hearing the stories and coming face-to-face with an alien are two very different things.

Zilor Nox is sent to Earth to recruit a psychic healer, but he finds so much more in Indigo. She’s wild, passionate, and genetically compatible with him—as well as seventy-three other warriors. He wasn’t looking for a mate, but now that he’s found her, he has no intention of letting her go. And there’s no way he’s losing her to one of her other suitors.

Indigo has spent most of her adult life downplaying her abilities, so when Zilor offers her the opportunity to help Chandar, a woman crippled by years of abuse, Indigo doesn’t hesitate. But shortly after Indigo and Zilor leave Earth the “mating pull” ignites and neither can think of anything but indulging the fire. Even after the passionate interlude, Indigo insists her only purpose for leaving Earth is to help Chandar. Zilor is just as determined to prove they are destined to be together. Unfortunately, there are seventy-three other warriors with exactly the same goal.


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Jun 26

Battle Continues August 21st!

Book Two — Pre-order your copy today (Releases August 21st!)

#battleborn #scifi #romance #kindle #paranormal
Commander Kotto Tarr is sent to reopen Lunar 9, the Rodyte outpost nestled inside Earth’s moon. His crew resents him, the rebel leaders have chosen his ship as their headquarters, and a personal tragedy led to his promotion. But the exasperating tangle fades away when he meets Raina Solano. Challenged by her intelligence and fascinated by her spirit, he is instantly attracted to the feisty scientist.

Raina is “bio-streamed” to a spaceship against her will, and worse, her best friend Ashley set her up for the unwanted adventure. She’s met by a gorgeous alien who insists she’s his guest not his prisoner. He needs her to reestablish a self-contained food supply for Lunar 9. Undeniably curious, Raina soon learns that he won’t reveal the details unless she signs a 6 month contract.

Is 6 months on the moon too much to ask for the adventure of a lifetime? Raina’s scientific mind is more than ready for the unbelievable opportunity until she learns there’s an ulterior motive for her recruitment. A protein marker in her blood has identified Raina as a potential mate for the battle born and Commander Kotto himself is determined to claim her.


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Apr 23

Battle Begins May 15th

Battle Born, my new series, releases May 15th.

Ashley comes home after a long day and finds a spaceman searching her apartment. Before she can call for help, or run like hell, the intruder stabs her and leaves her for dead.

Desperate for freedom, Bandar, a battle born soldier, travels to Earth. His mission: find Daniel Kane, brilliant geneticist. It’s believed that Daniel can unleash the magic locked inside the battle born. Bandar’s search leads to Daniel’s daughter, Ashley, just in time to save her life. Bandar is so captivated by the fragile human that his need to protect and possess her threatens his mission.

Ashley awakens miraculously healed and filled with questions. Bandar is gorgeous and heroic, but she doesn’t believe a word he says. This isn’t the first time she’s run across aliens and now she knows it won’t be the last. She agrees to help him unravel the secrets surrounding her father’s work. Ashley has always believed her father was murdered and now she has a chance to learn the truth. But it’s hard to trust Bandar when the brush of his fingers makes her entire body tingle. Their volatile attraction could fulfill her wildest fantasies or open the door for planetary invasion.


Though these stories spin off of the Shadow Assassin books, it’s not necessary to have read one series to enjoy the other. I hope you’ll join the fun! Cyndi

Apr 14

Tax Day Blast at ARE

One day only sale!
Don’t miss out. Reward yourself today! (err guess that would be tomorrow.)


Feb 15

Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the WE LOVE OUR BOOK BOYFRIENDS Giveaway:
Kindle Fire HDX – Winner: Sheila Williams
$50 Amazon Giftcard – Winner: Jennifer Unkle
$50 Amazon Giftcard – Winner: Gina Fann
$50 Amazon Giftcard – Winner: Kay Burke
RomCon Reader Luncheon Saturday Ticket – Winner: Sheri Kurtz
Tears of the Dragon by Cyndi Friberg – Winner: Karen Durban

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Feb 02

We Love Our Book Boyfriends Giveaway!

25 Bestselling Authors – One Mega Giveaway!

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Heather Graham, Jennifer Zane, Joni Hahn, Karen Doctor, Kristan Higgins,
M.K Eidem, Maggie Mae Gallagher, Mary Buckham, Melissa McClone, Michele Callahan,
Michelle Howard, Nancy Naigle, SE Smith, Sylvia McDaniel, Vanessa Vale


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Jan 07

Series Finale Available Now!

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