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If you’ve never read one of my books, or would like to try a new series, the first book in each of these series is available below in three formats. Enjoy!

Therian Heat (Shapeshifter Romace)

To download THERIAN PREY for Kindle (mobi) click HERE

To download THERIAN PREY for Nook (ePub) click HERE

To download THERIAN PREY for PC (PDF) click HERE



Alpha Colony (Sci-fi Shapeshifter Romance)

To download UNTAMED HUNGER for Kindle (mobi) click HERE

To download UNTAMED HUNGER for Nook (ePub) click HERE

To download UNTAMED HUNGER for PC (PDF) click HERE



Shadow Assassins (Sci-fi Romance)

To download ROYAL OBSESSION for Kindle (mobi) click HERE

To download ROYAL OBSESSION  for Nook (ePub) click HERE

To download ROYAL OBSESSION  for PC (PDF) click HERE



Beyond Ontariese (Sci-fi Romance)

To download TAKEN BY STORM for Kindle (mobi) click HERE

To download TAKEN BY STORM for Nook (ePub) click HERE

To download TAKEN BY STORM for PC (PDF) click HERE