Neither wars, nor famine, nor Fairy curses have intimidated Lady Rowena of Pendragon, but now she’s locked in a battle of wills with Dominic of Capstow. Dominic is William Marshal’s trusted knight, and the regent has sent him to escort her to court so she can face charges brought forth by her scheming stepfather.

She’s infuriated, insulted, and intrigued. Dominic is by far the most attractive man she has ever encountered. He’s dangerous, appealing, and she needs him in her bed for reasons she dare not reveal. Knowing little about seduction, but more than willing to learn, Lady Rowena sets out on a conquest of her own.

The stakes are high, higher even than Lady Rowena realizes. For the Fairy curse is real and dark forces are at work, ready to tear the young lovers apart and rob them of their happily ever after.

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• “Talk about knight in shining armor, Dominic was every bit of that and more… If you are looking for a boring story, this is not it – I say read and enjoy!”
Goddess Minx, Reviewer for Literary Nymphs

• “Tears of the Dragon totally wowed me! I think this is one of history’s hottest seductions and I highly recommend this book.” Karen Haas, JERR 5 stars!