Book One

Tal dar Aune, a powerful shape-shifting mage, comes to Earth on a desperate quest to find a mysterious woman before his nemesis destroys her. Little does Tal know the “helpless” female he’s come to save is the key to peace on his war-torn world…or that he’ll long to touch her, take her, make her his.

Unaware of her royal roots or alien origins, Charlotte spends her first thirty years on Earth. Then Tal bursts into her life with all the subtlety of a thunder storm. He’s rude, arrogant, and easily the most desirable man she’s ever encountered. With a ruthless madman hot on their heels, they can’t afford to be distracted by the attraction rapidly growing between them, but the emotions are too powerful to ignore.

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• “Taken by Storm had it all–tense action, suspense, erotic sex, humor and a wildly imaginative plot. ” Miaka Chase, Reviewer for The Romance Studio 5 stars!

• “Unplug the phone and put the kids to bed; once you start reading Taken by Storm you won’t want any interruptions!” Naomi, Reviewer for Fallen Angel Reviews 5 angels!


Book Two

Trey dar Aune’s routine rescue mission to Earth becomes incredibly complicated when he discovers Dr. Hydran is genetically engineering captive Ontarians to maximize their Mystic abilities.

Krysta despises Dr. Hydran and anyone associated with him. Still, her desire flares right along with her temper when she encounters Trey, Hydran’s enigmatic new customer. How can this gorgeous stranger mean her harm when everything within her cries out for his touch and the comfort of his embrace? Her prophetic dreams promise freedom from Dr. Hydran’s tyranny but first she must determine if Trey is ally or enemy.

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• “I highly recommend OPERATION HYDRA…it’s one of the best science fiction romances I’ve ever read.” Terrie Figueroa, Reviewer for Romance Reviews Today Perfect 10!

• “Outstanding! This segment of Beyond Ontariese only whetted my appetite for more. The heat between Kyrsta and Trey could cause a nuclear meltdown” Melisa, Reviewer for Simply Romance Reviews Grade A+


Book Three

Commander Lyrik cet Barrel’s mission: determine if the cybernetically enhanced woman is too dangerous to live. His immediate and passionate attraction to the subject isn’t making his assignment any easier. She might be the biggest threat Ontariese has ever faced or an invaluable ally in the looming conflict. All he knows for certain is that she fascinates him and he wants her in his bed and in his life.

Saebin is battling for control over the munitions implants that have changed her into a ruthless assassin. She has never known kindness and doesn’t trust the virile male she encounters as she awakens from stasis. He stirs desires she doesn’t understand and longings she can’t ignore. He insists she’s been rescued, not captured by an enemy. But Saebin has never known anything but captivity.

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• “WOW! City of Tears by Cyndi Friberg is one amazing blend of science fiction at its best and romance at its hottest…” Keely Skillman, Reviewer for eCata Romance Reviews 5 stars!


Book Four

Determined to recover a priceless journal, Dro Tar pursues Evan to Las Vegas. Evan insists he took the journal to protect it from the real thieves. Dro Tar isn’t sure what to believe. Her heart has yet to recover from the last time she tangled with the enigmatic Mystic. She wanted him then and she wants him now, but what’s his true motivation?

Evan has never stopped loving Dro Tar, but her willingness to believe he’s a coward cut him deeply. Now fate has brought them back together and he intends to take full advantage of the opportunity. He’ll seduce her slowly, rediscover every inch of her supple body as he reminds her why they originally fell in love. Only by resolving their past can they vanquish their enemies and secure a future together.

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• “…a spicy tale that had a unique world and fascinating characters.”
Julie Esparza, Just Erotic Romance Reviews 4.5 stars!


Book Five

Lord Drakkin promises his dying friend that he will protect and train Aria. He will unleash her latent abilities and help her reach her Mystic potential. But first he must find her.

Drakkin tracks her to Earth, but quickly realizes it’s too dangerous to leave her there. He is shocked by her resistance and the passion she ignites in him. He is honor bound to keep his vow, with or without her cooperation.

After years of abuse and isolation, Aria has found a life of her own. Then Drakkin sweeps in and kidnaps her, claiming his bizarre behavior is for her own good. Despite the attraction smoldering between them, she wants nothing to do with the arrogant Bilarrian. No one will ever control her again, not even the charismatic stranger who sends her senses reeling every time they touch.

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• “Ms. Friberg flies from one sizzling tale right into another… I must say I’m hooked on this series.” Julie Esparza, Just Erotic Romance Reviews 4.5 stars!


Book Six

With one consuming kiss, King Indric of San Adrin convinces Cinarra that he will no longer tolerate being only her protector and trusted friend. Cinarra has longed for the day when the handsome Bilarrian will see her as more than an obligation, but she harbors secrets that could destroy their love before it even has a chance to exist.

Indric has always put the needs of his people before his own happiness. Duty and honor have kept him from claiming Cinarra, then an assassination attempt brings everything into sharper focus. Cinarra is his one true mate and he will not rest until she surrenders to their mutual desire and agrees to be his consort.

Two powerful enemies have joined forces; their common goal to destroy Indric. No risk is too great and no sacrifice too dear. And anyone Indric loves is a potential target for their treachery.

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