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Mar 09

Crossfire is Closed for Construction!

The last two books in the Beyond Ontariese series are temporarily unavailable. However, the reason for their absence is exciting. After numerous emails from readers asking why I “cheated” Dro Tar and Drakkin out of their own books, I decided to rectify the situation. I’m splitting up the two novellas in Crossfire and expanding each …

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Mar 01

Guest Author – Grace Samuels

I don’t do this very often, but I really enjoyed this novella and thought I’d share it with you. Ancient Egypt has always intrigued me and Grace Samuels writes about it with depth and authority. I hope you’ll check it out. Poignant and intriguing, with lots of playful charm. No one captures the mysteries of …

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Jan 09

Tears of the Dragon on sale now!

TEARS OF THE DRAGON is now available in print and ebook. Unlike most of my other books, this is a stand-alone story. READ AN EXCERPT Amazon (Kindle) Barnes & Noble (Nook) All Romance eBooks (Kindle/prc, Nook/epub, HTML, PDF) SmashWords (Kindle/prc, Nook/epub, HTML, PDF) Print edition available at: Createspace and Amazon

Dec 01

Holiday Sale!

To help celebrate the holidays, Taken by Storm and Rage and Redemption are on sale for $.99. These are the first books in their respective series and this is a wonderful opportunity to check them out. The discounted price will last until December 31st, so download your copy today. Smashwords fans, I have an even …

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Nov 23

5 Roses for Therian Prisoner!

Reviewers are loving the THERIAN HEAT series. Crystal, Reviewer for Romancing the Book had this to say about Therian Prisoner, “The plot was one that grabbed a hold of you and never let go. Even when I reached the end of this book I was left wanting more!” 5 Roses!

Nov 07

Rebel Angel Trilogy Complete!

All three books in the Rebel Angel trilogy are now available in print and eBook. “There is no peace in Heaven, and life has lost its splendor.” With those words Lailah joins the ranks of the Rebel Angels. Now she is on a quest to rediscover life’s splendor, which isn’t easy as an Angel of …

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Oct 31

Rebel Angels Book Two, Available Now!

Alyssa is a Rebel Angel, semi-Fallen, like Gideon before her. Cursed by her own words, she is unable to distinguish truth from lies—even her own. She has sworn to protect her ward Rosalind from the forces of evil. But without discernment, how will Alyssa identify friend from foe? Prince Sariel of the Angelic Order of …

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Oct 12

Beyond Ontariese Book Trailer

To celebrate the completion of the Beyond Ontariese series, I made this Book Trailer. I don’t do them very often, so enjoy.

Oct 08

New Release – Beyond Ontariese 5: Consort

Finally, the Beyond Ontariese saga comes full circle.CONSORT tells the story of Cinarra/Kristabel, the other royal twin.I’m really excited about this book and I hope you will be too. Series Finale – Available Now! With one consuming kiss, King Indric of San Adrin convinces Cinarra that he will no longer tolerate being only her protector …

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Oct 04

Consort is Coming Soon!

Series Finale – Coming Soon! The BEYOND ONTARIESE series finale will release Monday, Oct. 8th. The book will be available in print and ebook. I’m excited to share this story with you. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. Read an EXCERPT

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