Mar 01

Guest Author – Grace Samuels

I don’t do this very often, but I really enjoyed this novella and thought I’d share it with you. Ancient Egypt has always intrigued me and Grace Samuels writes about it with depth and authority. I hope you’ll check it out.

Poignant and intriguing, with lots of playful charm. No one captures the mysteries of Egypt like Grace Samuels!
—Award-winning paranormal author Cyndi Friberg

Grace Samuel’s fans will be VERY happy to read this one. It definitely doesn’t stand in the ‘same ole’ books as others write. The characterizations blew me away for a story of this length.
—Sue-Ellen Gower, Editor of NY Times and USA Today best-selling authors

For romance and fantasy fans of The Mummy, this time travel novella is a unique twist that will take you on an entirely new adventure where Egypt’s ancient gods lived among man, the bad guy was never mortal, the Curse of the Pharaohs is more than it seems, and a hero / heroine who love each other enough to give up their lives and souls for the other.

In 1922, Cairo is a city filled with French Foreign Legionnaires and treasure hunters seeking the lost wealth hidden beneath the ever-shifting Egyptian sands.

New finds and discoveries are found and brought to the Museum of Antiquities almost daily—only to be packed in crates and hidden away. Pieces of an ancient puzzle not yet ready to be put together.

Howard Carter is on the verge of finding King Tutankhamun’s tomb in the desert sands of the Valley of the Kings.

It’s a time of great excitement and discovery.

However, Daniel Livinghouse is in the historical City of the Living for an entirely different reason. He’s not seeking treasure—he’s looking for a woman. A woman who has reached through the millennia to haunt his dreams for the last decade.

On the day of his eighteenth birthday, Daniel dreamed of her for the first time. Initially the dreams were random, but over the last year—a decade later—they had become more frequent to where she visited him almost nightly. Her shoulder-length black hair decorated with silver beads, the honey tone of her skin. They stood under a star-filled sky, amongst giant stone structures. He could feel her fingers caressing his face, tracing his brow and cheekbone, stroking down the side of his arm until she reached his fingers, wrapping them within her own…

Too bad he doesn’t know she’s been “dead” for over five thousand years.