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Dec 01

Holiday Sale!

To help celebrate the holidays, Taken by Storm and Rage and Redemption are on sale for $.99. These are the first books in their respective series and this is a wonderful opportunity to check them out. The discounted price will last until December 31st, so download your copy today. Smashwords fans, I have an even …

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Nov 07

Rebel Angel Trilogy Complete!

All three books in the Rebel Angel trilogy are now available in print and eBook. “There is no peace in Heaven, and life has lost its splendor.” With those words Lailah joins the ranks of the Rebel Angels. Now she is on a quest to rediscover life’s splendor, which isn’t easy as an Angel of …

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Oct 31

Rebel Angels Book Two, Available Now!

Alyssa is a Rebel Angel, semi-Fallen, like Gideon before her. Cursed by her own words, she is unable to distinguish truth from lies—even her own. She has sworn to protect her ward Rosalind from the forces of evil. But without discernment, how will Alyssa identify friend from foe? Prince Sariel of the Angelic Order of …

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Oct 25

Rebel Angels Book One, Available Now!

Proud and rebellious, Gideon is banished from the Light. His own words define his punishment, transforming bloodlust into literal hunger. Living by his sword, he wanders the land of mortals, embittered and alone. Naomi works in secret, illuminating manuscripts for the Knights of St. John. Gideon is drawn to her beauty and fascinated by her …

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Oct 22

Just in time for Halloween…or maybe Christmas

Angels, demons, convoluted curses and the ongoing struggle of good against evil. If that sounds like fun, this is the series for you! Help me welcome back my REBEL ANGELS! Rage and Redemption will return on October 25th Echoes and Embers — November 1st Splendor and Darkness — November 8th Each book can stand on …

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Feb 21

Rebel Angel Book Trailer

I revamped the book trailer for the Rebel Angel series. Hope you’ll take a look.

Jul 08

Rebel Angel Extravaganza – Excerpt #4

SPLENDOR AND DARKNESS is the third Rebel Angel installment and it’s a little darker than the other two. Understandable, I guess, the heroin is an Angel of Death. It’s unique and romantic. Yes! This Angel of Death deserves romance too.  I’ve posted the standard excerpt below, but I’ll dig through the book and see if …

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Jul 01

Rebel Angel Extravaganza – Excerpt #3

This is the second book in the Rebel Angel series. I’ve posted part of the opening scene and the excerpt link takes you to a scene a little later in the book. Enjoy! Alyssa is a Rebel Angel, semi-Fallen, like Gideon before her. Cursed by her own words, she is unable to distinguish truth from …

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Jun 29

Shadows Extravaganza! Excerpt #1

I’ll get things started with the teaser posted on Cerridwen’s website, but I’ll post the rest of the scene in just a bit so make sure you check back. You don’t want to miss it. Authorized Excerpt: BORN OF THE SHADOWS Copyright © CYNDI FRIBERG, 2009 All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc. Fidgeting upon the …

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Jun 29

Born of the Shadows – Now in PRINT!

I’d been told it was coming, but WOW this was fast! LOL Born of the Shadows released today in print and that’s just where the good news begins. Cerridwen Press is also offering a special introductory price of $12.00, so get your copy while the sale price lasts! I know I’ve said this before, but …

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