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Feb 11

Fallen Star Cover Art

I’m hard at work on Jillian and Odintar’s story, so I thought I’d share the amazing cover art with you. Shadow Assassins, Book Four Coming Spring 2014! As usual, Dar Albert has perfectly captured the characters. I know the image is helping me stay inspired. . HOME

Dec 30

Alpha Hunter Available Now!

I’d planned to release this on Friday, but managed to finish everything a little early. The third book in the Shadow Assassins series is now available at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and Smashwords. Enjoy! Other retailers COMING SOON!

Dec 10

More Shadow Assassins on the way!

Coming January 2014 Angie is stranded in a strange town without a car, money or even her cell phone. Luckily, her sister sends Blayne to the rescue. Angie is expecting a ride and maybe a shoulder to cry on—and then she meets her rescuer. After seeing his gorgeous face and muscular body, Angie can’t decide …

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Sep 17

Mystic Militia for Nook and in Print!

For all you Nook fans, the second book in the Shadow Assassins series is now available at Barnes & Noble. Also the book is now available in print at the following retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Createspace. For PDF or HTML, check out All Romance eBooks or Smashwords. Enjoy!

Sep 08

Mystic Militia News

This is a bit ahead of schedule, but several of the retailers processed this book in record time. Mystic Militia is currently available at: Amazon (Kindle), All Romance eBooks (Multiple Formats), and Smashwords (Multiple Formats). Just thought you might want to know. Check out the series page for details about the Shadow Assassins series.

Sep 07

Mystic Militia Update

I knew I wanted to bring the Shadow Assassins to Earth; I just wasn’t sure how to do it. Then Lor started whispering in my ear. At first, I pictured him as an advocate for the frustrated Shadow Assassins. Then the story began to take shape in my mind and it was obvious he was …

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Aug 08

Shadow Assassins 2 is Coming Soon!

I don’t have many details yet, but the book is finished and the cover is amazing!! Dar Albert strikes again. Obviously, I love her style. I’m hoping to release this in early September, but too many things are still up in the air for me to commit to a specific date right now. In the …

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Jul 05

Royal Obsession is a Bestseller!

I just learned that Royal Obsession in on the Bestseller list at All Romance eBooks. It was 37 out of 50 when I checked, but the list is updated frequently. I’m really excited about the new series and it’s wonderful to see that others are too. Shadow Assassins: Book One Amazon (Kindle) All Romance eBooks …

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Jun 29

Royal Obsession Available Now!

I introduced Shadow Assassins clear back in Taken by Storm. Tal mentions, almost in passing, that his mother was killed by one. Years passed as the concept churned away in the back of my mind. Who were the Shadow Assassins and what became of them after the Great Conflict? As I answered these questions, Royal …

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Apr 25

New and improved Ontariese is here!

I’m thrilled to announce that all six books in Beyond Ontariese are now available in eBook. The print version of Fire Pearl is still a week away, but I saw no reason to make digital fans wait. I knew expanding Crossfire was going to be a lot of work, but it has been a labor …

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